Alyson Laura

Smart Sea Level Sensors Intern

Alyson Laura

As a student of public policy, I am looking forward to making policy work for people by engaging with a real community and crafting an Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan that works for the residents of Hudson Hill.

Alyson is pursuing a Master in Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management (MSEEM) at Georgia Tech. She is expecting to graduate in August of 2020. An Architect by training and practice she has extensive experience in green building. She has LEED certified numerous buildings, taught and authored several courses for continuing education, and hosted expert panels with global thought leaders on the Green Building movement. She contributed to research for carbon reduction solutions for Drawdown Georgia: rooftop solar power and demand side response. She brings significant experience to the project.

Alyson will be working with Nick Deffley, Director of Sustainability -City of Savannah, to develop neighborhood specific emergency preparedness and response plans that account for social/climate vulnerabilities and assets. She will be helping the neighborhood residents to come up with a plan to be more resilient during inclement weather, flooding and industrial accidents. She will accomplish her work by teleworking from her home due to COVID-19 social distancing.

Alyson is a native of Florida and would like to utilize her education, training, and experience to address climate change impacts in Florida. In her spare time she likes to cycle, paddle, and practice yoga.

We are very happy to have Alyson joining our Smart Sea Level Project team and are looking forward to her insight and contributions.