March 2019 Meeting Recap

Participants of the Mar 27 meeting in Savannah, GA

Dr. Kim Cobb presented updates on new sensor deployments and improvements to sensor technology, highlighted the team’s partnership with Jenkins High School students to assemble more sea level sensors and Oglethorpe Charter School to pilot a curriculum on sea level rise for 6th grade students, and shared inquiries that the team has received to install a network of sensors in other coastal communities.

The workshop was attended by Greg McCormick, Director of the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge, who helped with planning year 2 of the Smart Sea Level Sensors project. The workshop was also attended by Carl Lewis from Open Savannah, who presented a proposal to build tools and services on top of the Sea Level Sensors API to make sensor data useful for Chatham County residents.

The next event for the Smart Sea Level Sensors team is scheduled for May 16 in Savannah to mark the first year of the project. For more information about the project and related upcoming events, please contact Kim Cobb at